A simple test that allows you to know what your allergies are before a life-threatening event occurs. 

We offer the most comprehensive allergy panel of any allergy company (including allergy specialists). Our platform provides the most testing results which can confirm or rule out allergies as a source of symptoms. We provide the most innovative, evidence -based allergy test solution on the market. Results are quick, painless, and simple to perform.

Don't wait for a life-threatening allergic reaction to occur.


Testing for 73 Food and Environmental Allergens, all on one test from just 4 drops of blood.          


We use the industry exclusive blood drop testing card that provides patented micro-array technology.

Advanced Micro-Array Testing Technology



Allergy Testing is covered by most insurance plans.

Like many laboratory testing, patient might be responsible for co-insurance, co-pay and/or deductible.

Allergies affect 30% of adults and 40% of Children. 

Allergies affect 30% of Adults and 40% of children, yet many aren't aware of their allergies until a life-threatening event occurs.

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